Testimonial No. 6: Sarah Bauer














Donovan asked me to write about my fitness “journey”. At first I struggled with that, as to me, I haven’t quite met with what I define as success so my journey wasn’t worth writing about yet . Then he posted this quote on his Facebook training page “Success is not the destination. Success is the journey.” . And I realized that my success is that I am still on the journey!

I’ve seriously and consistently worked out for more than a dozen years in some capacity. Everything from extreme body shaping, boxing, and cardio fitness classes like Zumba – you name it, chances are, I’ve tried it. I’ve suffered through videos (yes, actual VHS tapes) from Jane Fonda, Richard Simmons and a whole host of Beach Body hotties. I’ve worked out with friends (and made some great ones along the way), strangers and alone. I’ve got my sweat-on at home, at various gyms, outside, at hotels and even at work! Some of these things were fun, some were effective and some were just not the right fit.

I first trained with Donovan when I was pregnant with my now 4 year old. I pushed a car across the gym parking lot at 6 months pregnant! And yes, I do mean “train”, not “work out”. Train for what, you ask? Life. Donovan helps me train to live my best physical life. I returned to Donovan last year after a kickboxing and cardio jaunt, taking a break from being a cardio queen. Six to eight hours a week of cardio had left me tired and bored with an injured knee and foot. It was getting me nowhere! I started partner-training with Donovan (another secret to success in the gym – have an accountability partner) and hit a much better groove.

At the beginning of this year, I switched over to small group training with Donovan and three other women. We work on our individual goals in a group setting while providing support and motivation for each other. Our training sessions provide stress relief (slamming a tractor tire with a sledge hammer will do that), muscle building, and camaraderie.

While the numbers on the scale don’t move much, other goals have taken priority. I’m stronger than I have ever been (I can deadlift more than my body weight!).  I have more energy, my knee and foot no longer hurt.  I can keep with my kids.  My health numbers (blood pressure, heart rate, cholesterol etc.) are fabulous.

And, last but not least, a funny thing happened that I didn’t expect… I have always associated having body confidence with attaining a big weight loss. This last year of training with Donovan has changed my mind on that. I discovered that when I’m training, and I’m stronger, I’m more the person I’m meant to be. I no longer associate body image with a clothing size. I’m currently in best shape, both mentally and physically, that I’ve probably ever been. The journey isn’t over, but I can finally call it a success.