Testimonial No.5- Sandee White

As a 70+ adult female, I feel it is very important to stay as healthy and fit as possible. For over 4 years Donovan Muldrow has been my Personal Trainer. I have been amazed at the amount of strength I’ve built. More importantly, I’ve been able to maintain it at my age. With him beside me, I have the confidence that I will not injure myself, but at the same time he encourages me to lift, push or pull, way more than I could ever imagine having the ability to do!

Uppermost, also knowing that I am doing the exercise properly, thus getting the most benefit from each piece of equipment! Having the strength and health to enjoy life at its fullest, is the most important to me. Giving me the ability to enjoy activities with my grandchildren, golfing with friends, as well as just housekeeping and lifting groceries! Being stronger keeps us safer and makes the activities much more “fun”!

I enjoy the fact that each day I work out with Donovan; the exercises are varied, so I am never bored with redundancy. In addition, if for some reason I have pulled a muscle and am quite sore “somewhere” on my body and I share this with him before starting that day, I will feel much better by the time I head home!

My investment for working out (hard I might add) 3 half-hour sessions a week are definitely not only enjoyable for me, but it’s great for my insurance policy keeping me from going to doctor appointments regularly and often to cure ailments! In addition to that, I have a new friend to share my life events! Cannot beat that!!


Sandee White