Personal Training & Online Coaching

When it comes to online coaching, you want your Coach to be experienced training with people in person. I’ve trained hundreds of people for over a decade now. When training with me, you’ll receive nutritional coaching to help you monitor and strengthen the weaknesses in your diet, and a structured program designed specifically for your wants and needs in a high-energy environment. You’ll also learn much more about yourself and what you can accomplish.

“You always receive the results from the work you put in.”

Half-hour training and 60-minute training sessions are available for 2-4 training sessions per week on a monthly basis. For more information, please contact me directly.


Online Coaching

*The Packages you see below are based off of my standard One-on-One Personal Training hour-long packages. If you have any questions about the packages below, please contact me directly.*

Please fill out this questionnaire before you chose your training package
Train With Donovan Personal Training Questionnaire

Train With Donovan Remote Coaching Questionnaire


*As of 7/1/2021

Level 1 Basic Package ($299/month)

  • Free 1-time consultation
  • Individualized Programming 2-4 workouts; 4 weeks
  • Weekly text/online follow-up

Level 2 Advanced Package ($349/month)

Level 1 Package Plus:

  • Access to Full YouTube Exercise Library
  • Weekly follow-up

Level 3 Premium Package ($450/month)

Level 2 Advanced Package Plus:

  • Weekly Phone calls
  • Nutritional Coaching
  • 24/7 Contact through email & text messaging
  • Access to Full YouTube Exercise Library
  • $20 Eatology cash bonus towards the first order (limited delivery/pick-up)

    In-Gym Programming ($400/mo.)

    Programming for current “The Factory Bloomington-Normal” members


Accountability Coaching Program


Some people need more than a personal trainer. Most people need more of an accountability coach.

We live in a current society that allows for scapegoating. In many ways the content we consume through what we see what we read, and what we listen to allows people to be susceptible to things that can affect their outlook on their own lives.

The answer is Accountability & Leadership.

The first follower a leader has is themselves. In any and every situation that we find ourselves in, we are the common denominator. Taking accountability is quite literally taking power into your own hands to change your own life.

The point of having an Accountability Coach is to have someone who has mastered themselves in their own life. When you master the self, you have the ability to understand the perspective of life all around you and realize that everything in life is connected. 

The same connection you have with your thoughts and your behaviors.

The reason you seek coaching is because your thoughts are not in line with your behaviors. This is where the coach steps in to help you find that realignment.

When you seek out for a coach, you are consciously making a decision to begin MAKING things happen for your life, rather than WAITING for things to happen.

Afterall, this journey…It begins and ends with you.

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