About Donovan

Donovan is a Personal Trainer unlike you’ve ever experienced. His client-centered focused training is what has enabled him to make lasting results beyond the gym. Donovan’s style of coaching is a confidence builder. When you have confidence, you have the attitude you need to not only achieve the results you’re after, but the right tools to get through life outside of the gym. That’s what having 10+ years of experience in the field will afford you. Whether you want fat loss, weight loss, increase in muscle gain, or general health & fitness, you will walk out of your session feeling empowered to take on your day. Donovan wants you to be able to have the energy to play with your kids. To have the energy you need to focus and be productive at work. To have the ability to enjoy a vacation to the fullest. To be comfortable in your own skin. That is his purpose.

Donovan’s journey started as a 4-year, 2-sport athlete (football and Track & Field) at Homewood-Flossmoor High school in Flossmoor, IL and went on to receive his degree in Sociology from Illinois State University in 2011. With very little Kinesiology/Exercise Science background, his natural understanding of the body through self-taught practices he began his training career at the age of 20. Donovan is competitor at heart. After graduating college, he trained and competed as a Raw Powerlifter and an amateur Strongman Competitor. In a short amount of time, he set multiple Powerlifting records in the State of Illinois across multiple federations, won multiple National Championships, a World Championship, has been nationally ranked in the 181 weight class and qualified for the North American Strongman competition. He continues to compete til this day.

Training Philosophy:

“Your goals become my obsession; everyone that walks through the door and asks for my training expertise will get the very best of me. However, I also require that my clients give me their very best every session. The best training program is the one you’re not on and so it is important to continue to get better in every way. Strength and nutrition go hand in hand. No matter what your goals are, you have to train hard (and smart) and have the nutrition to meet the demands. You can’t out train a bad diet and you certainly can’t expect your body to change if you don’t challenge it. My job is to empower you; your job is to improve. It’s the level of your commitment to your goals and our symbiotic relationship that will make your goals happen.”

~ Donovan Muldrow


CPPS Certified Coach Lvl. 1

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