Are Low Cost Memberships Worth It? | You Get What You Pay For

June 11, 2021….that’s how long it’s been since my last post on this platform. Trust me, getting the message out there has only evolved.


Since then I have done a few public speaking events and live interviews (which you can all find on my social media).




This one needs to be put on here as I believe this is the best way to give a perspective that goes deeper than a 60-90-second video.

Besides…reading is fundamental.


That being said…


Is it me, or is it that when people pay for “low entry cost” gym memberships, they have a harder time staying committed to their goals?


The benefit of coaching for 16+ years is observing the evolution of people and the business of the fitness industry. Recently, I had a consultation with an individual who was “looking for coaching” while they had a “$30” membership to a local chain gym.


I even remember back in the day I had a client who I worked with, that had a whole ass membership at another gym in the area.


Realizing they had spent over $700 over 8 months for a family membership NO ONE was using.


This was the reason for the success of a lot of “express gyms” that were prevalent before 2020.


Fast forward to today… a LOT of those gyms are not in business anymore. Mostly from poor management, yet, another reason I’ve noticed is a lack of VALUE.


The reason why luxury things are so desired isn’t because of how expensive it is. It is because of the attention to detail that goes into providing a solution to the inconveniences of life.


In general, that is why some of the best things in life ARE NOT free. Especially when it comes to services that people provide.


From starting out charging $80/mo. for unlimited training (I know ??‍♂️) to 4 figures a month for personal coaching, has taught me a lot about quality AND the opportunity to achieve results:


Higher Cost Yields Higher Driven Clients


Truth be told, my highest-paying clients have been the hardest workers and the most consistent. The correlation is not causation, yet it is a very curious observation.


Check out these stats pulled from an article from (sources are listed).

It’s all about how much skin you have in the game. At a certain cost point, it seems like it goes from something to have (I.e. a gym membership) vs an investment.


Yes, people who do have appointments and a purpose for how they use their time, tend to get what they want out of the situation. In other words: get a Coach ?


Low Budget Memberships > Paid Gym Services


It’s also been my observation that the majority of people who pay for coaching services/classes at the gym get the best results. Aside from the accountability factor, paid services legitimately allow you to maximize your time with minimum effort.


I’m talking about paying someone to help strategize your workouts and your meals for you.


While the cost is higher than a simple gym membership, waking up and going to the gym and getting straight to work rather than figuring out what you need to do is incredibly valuable.


How do I know this? On average, it takes me 20 minutes per client to write 1 week’s worth of workouts. Now, that’s me talking as a seasoned professional. Imagine the average gym go-er figuring out how to program for their next PR in the gym or train for a specific event.

Even those who want better for themselves, know themselves well enough to admit they NEED someone to keep them going to the gym.


Right now, I have clients that are both 9 and 10 years in. Consecutively. That is without “taking a break” or “trying something new.” When you have a coach who is constantly learning and growing, this may shock you, but so does the client.

The gym is one of the few places where the majority of the patrons are there to accomplish the same goal:


Natural self-enhancement.


Like teachers and educators in school, coaches are guides to help you decipher information that will help you achieve your mission.


Every day you have a session or a follow-up call, you have an opportunity to fine-tune yourself through the eyes and experience of a professional.


That kind of service is life-changing. Who wouldn’t pay for that?


You Save Money Paying For A Coach


Outside of saving time making up your own workouts or perusing the internet for a program that “sounds good”, you end up saving cash on avoiding situations that would occur if you didn’t have a Coach.


A common example is the average American experiencing back pain.

(National Center For Health Statistics)


Arguably, sitting down is a culprit of many people having back pain due to lack of glute engagement. However, lifting or moving with poor posture in the gym, can and does happen as well.


Having a Coach will give you the knowledge and guidance you need to move well AND get stronger safely.


Imagine, sitting out of work or events that would benefit you because of an injury. Taking time off at a time of need could make a huge impact on your life.


Especially when that injury is going to break the bank.


I have had clients in the past who have had surgeries that could knock them out for weeks, maybe even months. Since they have been training consistently, their recovery was a lot faster than their healthcare provider anticipated.


I can say, this is the case with all my clients and those who live a healthy lifestyle.


You’ll Learn More About Yourself Quicker


Understandably, one thing that is missing from a lot of people’s lives is perspective.


In order to gain perspective, you have to open yourself to learning from others. First, you have to be honest with yourself in the way you communicate with the world.

Even driving in certain areas of the city you have yet to discover may shock you to see certain living conditions adjacent to your own.

Perhaps observing someone in public who may seem young enough, is having difficulty moving about the world due to their perceived physical health.

When you are working with someone close by on a regular basis, you’ll begin to learn about what you can do. More so, you’ll learn what type of communication you need in order to get the job done.

I cannot begin to tell you have I have been able to change the way I communicate with people in general. Simply because some of my clients require lots of words and descriptions of movements and exercises. Instead of turning that “feature” on and off, I’ve learned that others may require a certain level of communication as well.

You see when you invest time into a Coach, you’re also paying it forward.

Each and every opportunity you have to work with a professional, they’re always in the process of understanding people.

With the right one, this also allows you to be open and transparent about certain details of yourself at the moment while you’re training.

A good Coach asks questions to help you get the job done.
A GREAT Coach asks questions to you understand yourself.

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