Testimonial No.4- Adriane Powell

After 20+ years of trying lots of different types of exercises/workouts, I finally found my passion: Cycling. But then after three solid years of road biking, my back went out–my diagnosis was a herniated disk. I discovered that this is quite common for cyclists (especially weekend warriors, like me) due to positioning and weak core muscles.

I was in constant pain but determined not to become dependent on pain killers. I tried a few different types of workouts and then 13 months ago, I began training with Donovan. Number one goal? No more back pain. Donovan asked all the right questions but didn’t give me any easy answers. He was quite clear that this would take plenty of patience and hard work.
Donovan and I have worked together consistently and rigorously. If I’ve had a bad day or am tired and cranky, he pushes me to just get through the workout and move on. If he knows I’ve had a really bad day, he pulls out the boxing gloves! SO FUN! I figured that I have worked out with Donovan approximately 150 times, and each workout has been different. He knows that you can’t ‘surprise the muscles’, but if the ‘user’ is bored, she will quit. We have a lot of fun during the workouts. He is no-nonsense, but wicked funny.
After 7 months, I was nearly pain-free. Every once in a while, I had a setback but healed much more quickly than before. Now, after 13 months, I am completely pain-free. I am still not cycling again, but that is my goal for 2015 and with Donovan’s help, I know I will reach it.
One more thing: The Athlete Factory is not pretty. The location is terribly inconvenient (for me, anyway). It’s smelly and loud and sometimes the music is raunchy. I love that. Everyone there is doing their own thing and they aren’t concerned about anyone else. All the athletes are extremely respectful of each other. If you walk in the first time and feel intimidated, I encourage you to get past it and give it a chance. Eventually you will just feel inspired.