Why “Training” is better than a “Workout”

As an adult, some of us have been in gyms where we see the following: people hammering away on their cardio machines, in the classrooms swinging their hips to a catchy tune, seeing that guy doing that thing on the back extension machine that would undoubtedly show up on YouTube or “Awkward Gym Moments” on Facebook, or perhaps sitting in the lobby area watching to see if your favorite dancer gets voted off unfairly…BUT COULDN’T HELP HERSELF BECAUSE SHE’S A CONTEMPORARY DANCER AND NOT A BREAK DANCER!!!!!! SERIOUSLY!?!? I MEAN COME OOOOONN!! THIS SHOW IS RIGGED!!!!  THAT’S IT, I’M TURNING TO REAL HOUSEWIVES OF THAILAND!

Ahem, sorry.

Granted, as a trainer and having worked in such a place, shines a bit of light on the fact that there are people in a “healthy” environment being surrounded by those doing healthy things. However, I”m a professional in a results oriented business, where just “working out” just doesn’t cut it. I train people mostly because I like it….NAY….I looooove it! People train because they want to change their habits and work hard to reach their goals in the gym and life. So let’s take our friends in the gym “working out”, walking around looking to see what others are up to that may look like they’d get a “good sweat in.” You come back a year later….and they still look the same. You know you’ve seen that person if you’ve gone to the same gym for years. You wonder what the heck are they doing? It’s likely they’re shooting the breeze and getting that good sweat in. By no means is this meant to knock on those going to the gym for a workout or whatever they want to do. Trainers know 80% (or so) of progress in the gym is getting in there in the first place. The other 20% however, is what you do in the gym that makes the biggest difference.

So now let’s take our friends in the gym who are “training”. These are the folks just straight getting after it with intensity, passion and focus. Usually these are the people getting the “looks” in the gym as if you’re Quasimodo with a Barbell. Heck, you may be one of those people giving those looks. Don’t be afraid of them. Be inspired by them. These people who “train” have a goal in mind, set a plan, and put that plan into action. No, you don’t have to be a competitor to train for a competition. But rather think of it as training for life in general. The key difference between the two here is whether or not you have INTENSITY, PASSION AND FOCUS. This also applies to your nutrition as well and every other aspect of your life. Not to mention cutting your workout time in half and able to reap the benefits of your hard work. That’s what I love about working at The Athlete Factory. There’s no machines, we build ’em (yep, I just said that). We train athletes to become better at their sport, we train non-athletes to better themselves with intensity, passion and focus. You’re constantly surrounded by a group of people with different goals, different body types and different fitness levels. Which is the perfect kind of gym setting everyone should be in. If you’re not, go and find it. You won’t regret it.

Having said all of that, “workout” or “training” wise, being in the gym is way better than being on the couch, being lazy, or better yet, being in a box underground 24/7 (didn’t mean to get dark there, but it’s something to think about). If you want to take your workout experience up a notch, find a “training” partner or a trainer to help get you the results you deserve and have more fun in the gym.

Until then, enjoy your workout. Enjoy your training session. Enjoy life.