Week 8 Training

Squat Day

A- 55% x 5 (225)
65% x 3 (265)
75% x 1 (305)
85% xAMRAP (345)

Squats felt really good today. If you notice, I’m wearing OLY shoes again after deciding I’m not going to squat without them anymore. I’m pretty much learning where I am most comfortable in my squat– I’ve been messing with how forward I should lean and my hand placement. On the last set, my wrists started to give out, otherwise I’d get more than 8 reps. Overall, I’m very happy with the weight that I’m able to rep-out still without a belt.

B- Reverse Lunges 4 x 8 95#

C- GHR 4 x 6

Bench Day

A-55% x 5 (150)
65% x 3 (180)
75% x 1 (208)
85% x AMRAP (235)

Bench felt really really great. Ended up getting 12 reps on the last AMRAP (as many reps as possible) set. Keep in mind, I have been training my wide grip to get better chest development. I’d say it’s working pretty damn good. I am considering staying wide after this competition and build my strength that way.

B- Incline Barbell Press 4×8

135 x 8 

145 x 8

150 x 8

155 x 8

Incline press or doing shoulders at all is my worst enemy when it comes to upper body development. Since I’m a “streaky” lifter once my bench went well, I also went wide grip on incline and felt way better, too. Taking advice from Matt Houser using a lift off while going wide I think was key.

C-Landmine 1 Arm Press 3 x 8 @ 95#

C2- Weighted Pullup 3 x 5

Deadlift Day

A- 55% x 5 (300)
65% x 3 (355)
75% x 1 (410)
85% x AMRAP (460)

FUCK YEA!!!! What else can I say. This was an awesome deadlift day. Hitting my final AMRAP set for 12 at 460, WITH NO BELT, is huge for me. I really just took my time with it but everything was feeling smooth. My back tends to be really tight, but on movements like squats and deadlifts, it takes me a while to warm up. I can’t wait for next week. Stay Tuned….

B- RDL 5 x 8 @ 205

C- GHD 4 x 6 w/12kg kettlebell