Trainer thought of the day: August 23, 2016

Do yourself a favor and take a look around at your house. If you’re not at home, do this when you get back. It won’t take long. I promise.

I want you to count how many books/Audiobooks that you have on your bookshelf, night stand or electrical devices.

Then I want you to recall how many days a week currently you are going to the gym. Whether it is by yourself/with a gym partner/personal trainer.

Got it?? Cool.

So now that you have done all of that, and I appreciate you taking the time to do so, add all those things up. Does the number (i.e.  30 books/audiobooks/training sessions per week) exceed the number of inches your television is?

The point I’m making here is making yourself aware of the amount of time you may be sitting down and watching what’s on your big screen TV than the amount of time that you put into self improvement not only mentally, but physically. Where do your priorities lie?

Big screen TV’s are far more expensive than books/audiobooks. Even most podcasts are free. Gym memberships are cheaper than ever and while training can seem costly the average cost of a 60″ TV is just over $450 (according to a quick google search I did that listed 4 of the popular 60″ TVs out there. Not completely scientific). That’s still enough for at least a month of sessions with a trainer, and with the right one you could learn a lifetime of tools and tips to improve yourself worth and boost your confidence.

Search inward and really think about what you want in life; the goals you have for now and for the future. Are you setting yourself up for success? If not, hopefully this read will help you realize where you might have failed in this area. Which is a good thing! Because now, you ARE aware and if you want to change that, you’re in a better position to succeed.