The Story of A Rich man

As a trainer, I can see a lot of the things in the world that I can help. Even as I go to commercial gyms and see so many things that leave me speechless. It reminds me of a scene in the show “Fargo”-

A storyteller tells another character a story of a rich man:


“A rich man reads the paper one day. He see’s that the world is in misery. The rich man says ‘I have money! I can help!’ So, he gives away ALL of his money. But. It’s not enough. The people are still suffering.


One day the man reads another article. He sees it was foolish to give away all of his money as the world didn’t have enough organ donors. So, he goes to the doctor and says ‘doctor, I want to donate a kidney.’ The doctors do the surgery. It was a complete success.


After he know’s he should heal good, he doesn’t. He knows people are still suffering. So he goes back to the doctor. He says, ‘doctor…I want to give it all.’ The doctor says, ‘what does that mean? Give it all?’


The man says ‘ I want to donate my liver, but not just my liver I want to donate my heart. I want to donate my corneas, but not just my corneas. I want to give it ALL away. Everything I am. All that I have.’


The doctor says, ‘A kidney is one thing, but you can’t give away all of it. That suicide!’ He sends the man home.


But the man cannot live. He knows the people are suffering. So he gives the one thing he has left. He writes “organ donor” on the bathroom wall. Sits in a tub. And ends his life. On the man’s tombstone it reads “Here lies the man who gave everything.”


The character asks “And does it work? Does it stop the suffering?? Did he kill himself for nothing?? What are you trying to say?”


The storyteller goes “Only a fool thinks he can try to solve ALL the world’s problems.

But the character goes “But you have to try don’t you?”


On one hand, I believe I have the tools and resources needed to help people. Though, I also know I can’t help everyone (and more importantly, not everyone WANTS my help). People need to understand while it sounds great to give the world everything you have, you can’t give it all away.


Don’t spread yourself thin. One person can’t solve the world’s problems, but the world [together]  can. Just like one person can solve their own problems. Sometimes with the help of others. 

Remember to ask yourself when you’re stressed out taking care of everyone else but you: How can anyone rely on you when you have nothing left to give??