Testimonial No. 1: Marisa Brooks

Before I began training with Donovan, I had been exercising and doing group training for the last 18 months at another gym, as well as seeing a chiropractor for about the same length of time. I decided to give Donovan a try because in that year and a half, I seen no changes, no success, no goals of any kind achieved. At the heart of everything, I wanted to feel better and I wasn’t going to stop exercising. Within two weeks of training with Donovan, the shoulder and neck pain I had been carrying for the last five years dissipated. Within a month to a month and a half, my clothes were fitting more loosely, yet according to my doctor’s visit I had gained six pounds! I’ve been training with Donovan now for two months and I look forward to the trainings because he’s fun, but more importantly I FEEL GREAT!

Marisa B., Downtown Events Manager