Perception vs. Reality

I get it. Perception is the reality. While that may be true, I’m here to tell you:






There’s no doubt that our bodies live in a totally different reality than our minds do. The reason there is so much constant failure in the fitness industry is we pay too much attention to fixing issues that are merely symptoms of a larger problem.


Obesity is not an epidemic. It’s systematic failure where pragmatism is not the focus in nutritional eduction to the general public as much as it should.


It’s the fact that for most people, completely cutting out cookies and maxwell polishes the rest of your natural life is unrealistic and unnecessary if you enjoy them. Where instead we could limit the things we want in a practical way that our daily nutrition isn’t depended on these kinds of foods.



It’s believing we can eat whatever the hell we want as long as we work it off next week. Where instead we could eat well and train well most of the time, and eat whatever the hell we want occasionally and not have to worry about it.


Warm weather is approaching. People will be out on their porches drinking beer almost everyday. Including me! That’s totally okay. But when shit gets real and you want to start cutting down, you should know what to do and how to do it.



If the winter is your “off season” and you want to train hard and stay disciplined so you can enjoy the spring/summer months, then that is a solid plan.


No one can tell you HOW to live your life, but we can help you navigate it so you can live it to its fullest and healthiest.


Whatever your perception is, do right by you by being constantly aware of the thoughts you make, and what kinds of results your actions will yield.



Have a great day.