Donovan’s BootCamp Announcements!!

  • Hey what’s up you guys! BootCamp has started and is really kicking people into gear this winter! Tiz the holiday season and things are getting wild out there (literally)! We’ve got one more class tomorrow @ 5am class (Wednesday, 11/26), but are cancelling Thursday’s class for the holiday. Just in time to get some training to prepare for Black Friday… and I don’t mean mean your shopping lists. Ammerite?? We’re not going to let the weather get in the way of our gainz! Grab a friend. Signup. And END the year on a high note to bring that momentum into the next year! Class info below!

    Donovan's Bootcamp

  • CFBN/AF Screen Printing Party

    Meltdown Screen Printing Party!!

    Come out and join us at Meltdown Graphics on December 5th from 7-9pm

    Bring your own swag (t-shirts, hoodies, hats, sweats…get creative!!) to screen print with either the CFBN and/or the Athlete Factory Logos!

    $10 for your first screened print item and $5/piece afterwards

    All logos will be in Black ink!

    T-shirts and other gear will be available for purchase at Meltdown if you forget yours!

    CFBN-AF Logos

    Join the Facebook Event at

    409 E. Washington St., Bloomington Il. 61701

  • For all you awesome DBT BootCampers, we’re doing a little 12 week BodyComp Competition using our InBody Scale in January!!! Weigh-ins start Saturday, January 10th. We will also have nutritionist available during the competition to help you with your goals during this challenge! Oh, not to mention….there’s a cash prize for the winner. Ahhhh snap!!! We’ll have more information soon. Keep an eye out folks! Training has never been more fun!!