Book Review: Poke The Box

*Disclaimer: I don’t read books often that aren’t about exercise, so it’s kind of a big deal. It may not be a conventional book review…I’m just writing about how much I like it*

Of course with experience and being surrounded by knowledgeable people, I started reading more and more about nutrition. It’s still pretty “basic”, but it’s enough to help coach my clients into the right direction. Now, my schedule is over flowing because of the referrals I get from people. It’s probably because I have learned to understand my clients better as I became more experienced. In fact, I’m more of a psychiatrist than trainer. I’m sure my fellow trainers/coaches out there could agree.

I’ve always been confident in my abilities as a trainer, but when it came to being on my own as a business man just over a year ago, there was more fear than confidence.

I was afraid to step out of the my comfort zone having come from a commercial gym that basically took care of everything for me. I admit, I was neglectful in educating myself on the business of fitness as it never occurred to me to do so.

Having your own business/identity takes a lot of courage, knowledge and skill. I only wish I had read this book years ago.

It’s an awesome book written by Seth Godin, a multiple best-selling author, called “Poke the Box”


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The book greatly talks about  initiation, innovation, and STARTING.

According to an article on, U.S. Entrepreneurship is it an all-time high. One of the astounding statistics reads,

early-stage entrepreneurial rate increased to nearly 13 percent, an all-time high since the survey began tracking such activity in 1999. Such high entrepreneurial activity suggests business owners are opening up smaller shops—and chasing larger opportunities such as restaurant chains.”

I was immediately sucked in to the book right from the first page. It talks of a woman who stood up and told her boss she had an idea.

“I’ve got an idea, and I’m going to start working on it tomorrow. It won’t take a lot of time and it won’t cost a lot of money, and I think it’s going to work.”

“You’re probably wondering what her idea was. You might even be curious about how she pulled it off.

That’s the wrong question.

The change was in her posture. The Change was that for the first time in this job, Annie wasn’t waiting for instructions, working through a to-do list. Or reacting to incoming tasks. She wasn’t handed initiative. She took it.

Immediately connected with the book and knew where it was going. As a business owner or employee, the message of this book is to take a chance and start something.

You’re likely going to fail when you start things, but you’ll never succeed if you don’t try. It could be the message to encourage an employee to work harder or come forth with an idea that may change the face of a company. It could even double your income.

It’s nearly doubled mine.
seth godin

I highly recommend this book. Buy it for yourself. For your friends. For your employees. Maybe even for your boss.  It’s also available on hardcover on for less than $8. It’s a  relatively short read-and that’s saying a lot-and well worth the time!! GO!!!!!!!