08/03/13: 9 Weeks Out

10 Weeks Out- Juggernaut Powerlifting Program

Squat Day

A-Work Sets: 6 x 5 @ 70% of 90% (285#)

Squat sets 3-5 felt great considering my lack of sleep. I could definitely tell a difference. First couple of sets were more like a warm-up, then things started to get loose. Set 4 here, felt the best. I’m not used to doing high volume still, so naturally I got fatigued towards the end. It’s getting better though.I still know, training without a belt is going to make my numbers skyrocket.

With the help of BCAAs back in my system, it provided the much needed energy and recovery over the last 24 hours.

B-Walking Kettlebell Lunges (racked position) 3×20; 2-16kgs

C-Weighted GHD Round the Worlds 3 x 8/direction

Deadlift Day

A- Worksets: 6 x 5 @ 70% of 90% (380#)

Deadlifts definitely felt heavy. Like all my lifts in training, the last ones feel the best. I also consumed copious amounts of food at a buffet 3 hours before and this was in the afternoon. Since I mostly train in the morning, changing the times up made a huge difference and I felt a lot more tired and not ready to workout, as my body by that time of day is usually recovering. All the more important to stick to a time of training that works best for you. Your body will most certainly be expecting it.


B-GHD with black mini band 3×10

A short day, but I did what I needed to do to get done. This is why the bigger movements of the dayshould always come first.

Bench Day

A- 6 x5 @ 70% of 90% (195#)

Without a doubt, the bench is my weakest lift, hence the weight by the percentages. No matter what though, the goal is to stick with the goal. This was definitely an easy one today.


B-Strip Bench Set to failure: 185# in total weight

C-Weighted Dips 4×10 +8kg KB

C2- Bodyweight Pullups 4×12