08/10/13: 9 Weeks Out

8 Weeks Out – Juggernaut Powerlifting Program

Squat Day

A- 4 x 5 @ 77% of 90% (315#)

Better sleeping, over 100 oz. of water before the end of the day, and lots of carbs and protein for dinner last night is what made this squat day the best so far. Usually my back is really tight on squats lately, but I took more time today to roll out my glutes, hip flexors; and stretch out my hamstrings. Since my core has been feeling weak without my belt, I added in good mornings and 1-arm walks in the rack position with a 53# kettlebell. It seemed to have done the trick. Getting your CNS and core ready for heavy loading with out support is something you should really consider doing before heavy lifting and/or spinal loading.

B-Front Squat 5×5 @ 135#

Up from 95#, I’m still getting used to front loading. My forearms and wrists don’t have as much flexibility so the front position really promotes that, which will allow me to have more contraction on gripping. I like to do this to help develop my quads, as I am very glute dominant.

C- Bulgarian Split Squats 4×6/leg 90# (20# chain, 70#’s in DBs)

Bench Day

A-4 x 5 @77% of 90% (215#)

Although my wide-grip isn’t the best right now, and with having weak shoulders, it’s definitely something I need to work on. By working on it I know the way I normally grip (narrow) is going to boost my numbers over time.

B- Good Mornings 4×10