Client Showcase No. 01

Welcome to my Client Showcase! Here, I’ll be updating my blog with videos of clients working hard and having fun, and sharing some of their stories.

Donovan’s Bootcamp Training

Donovan’s Bootcamp Training

We are starting a new service: Bootcamp!!

What:  Donovan’s Bootcamp Training breaks the mold on “Bootcamps of old.” It is on the cutting edge of fitness, which means as the program constantly evolves, so do you! You’ll never do the same workout twice and you’ll always leave feeling better than when you walked in! Most bootcamps focus solely on cardio, but DBT focuses on strength development along with the cardio you crave for results that truly last!!

Why: Because you’re looking for the best Bootcamp training available. Because you want more than just push-ups, sit-ups, jumping jacks and ladder drills. Because Donovan’s Bootcamp Training will give you the challenge you need to change your body and how you view bootcamp fitness.

How: Circuits, compound movements, work/rest intervals, and all sorts of other fun stuff you can only dream of!  At less than $10/class and 45min in length, it’s the most efficient and cost effective way to get the premium bootcamp experience you crave! To maintain training quality, class sizes are capped at 12 members, a minimum of 4 members required.

Trial Classes are listed below

10/27- 5:00a
10/31- 3:30p

11/4- 5:00a
11/5- 4:30p
11/8- 7a

*These are trial class times. Class times will be added or subtracted based on demand*