2 weeks out- World’s Training

Squat Day

135 x 10

225 x 8

315 x 4

385 x 1

405 x 1

425 x 1

430 x 2 x 1

First day of  lifting this week definitely set the tone for how the rest of the week was going to go for the most part. My nutrition has noticeably been off and I’ve been doing it the wrong way; not only cutting back calories, but meals as well. Thinking that I can maintain my weight being around the mid-180’s and upping my lifts in retrospect is laughable. Here is my 430 squat which will be my opener, using Oly plates to get used to the density of the plates. While I am happy that I put up 430 in the gym- albeit on shit nutrition and lower energy levels. I fucked up the 1st set at 430 by having the bar waayy to low on my back. Came back for the second one with it actually where it usually is and nailed it. I know for sure once I get more food in me after the weigh-in the day before the comp, I will absolutely smash my lifts.


Bench Day

132 x 10

176 x 8

200 x 2

242 x 1

286 x 1

299 x 1

301 x 1 (gym PR)

I’ll admit, today was my best lifting day of this cycle. Albeit with lower energy levels from shit nutrition, I was most happy with this lift. Anytime I can get 300+ up in the gym is always a win for me and a huge confidence boost. 299 felt heavier than it should, but I made sure to put on my Oly shoes, belt and wraps (as allowed in competition). It did make a huge difference. I will say too that I picked up some new BCAAs and Pre from Complete Nutrition and it certainly has made a difference. I think what helped was the meal the night before (which I can’t remember) and the amount of water I have been pushing; it really does help with the effect of the supplements you take.


Deadlift (2.2kg conversion)

70kg x 11 (overhand grip)

120kg x 8 (OHG)

160kg x 5 (OHG)

442 X 2 (regular grip)

492 x 1

522 x 1

565 x 1

586 x 1 (didn’t budge)


Ah, deadlift day….by far the worst lifting day of this cycle. And I know exactly why. For starters, my nutrition has been off. When I did eat, I had crispy chicken, 2 orders of fries for lunch and Chinese for dinner. As you can see, when I did eat, it wasn’t the best. Rice has been my staple in my diet all year and I’ve cut it out for several weeks now to get my weight down. While I’ve been trying to stay under 190 (so I can make my last days easier to lose), I’ve been doing about it all wrong. Especially for today.  Not to mention I didn’t set myself up for success by downing water like it’s the last thing on earth the day before.

I was able to get 565 up mainly before I’m a strong mother fucker. Energy wise I wasn’t there and mentally I wasn’t there. Fortunately, my back doesn’t feel like it’s about to spas on me like it has in my last training in the last meet, so I’m grateful for my training and recovery process; but what I’m doing diet-wise is not making the best of what I’ve built so far. So, next week is deload @ 60%. I will starting getting my water in better and start eating more leafy shit with protein to keep my energy levels up and recover. This day won’t defeat me. Instead, I will learn from it. Recover like I need to. And get into the habits that have made me a consistent-successful Champion.